How to drink water correctly

Water is the most important component of the human body, necessary for the proper functioning of all organs and systems. Every person who cares about his health knows it firsthand. But in order for this life-giving water to bring maximum benefit and have a favorable impact on human health we need to drink it correctly. Read more about when and how much water to drink from this article.

How much liquid should I drink per day?

One should drink no less than two liters of water per day (8-10 glasses). This is the opinion of most modern nutritionists. For people with a normal weight, the necessary amount of water is calculated by a simple formula: per 30 kg of body weight – 1 liter of water.

This does not include the consumption of soups, juices, tea, coffee and other liquid foods. Otherwise, the body will perceive these liquids as food, while for normal metabolic processes it is necessary to have pure water without any additives.

Coffee and coffee-based drinks, by the way, promote dehydration. Therefore, along with a small cup of coffee, you should always drink one large glass of water. Of course, these figures are very tentative and chosen individually, but they indicate the need for regular consumption of large quantities of fluids.

Should you drink water if you are not thirsty

Despite the importance of drinking water, not everyone likes to drink it. Some cannot do without water at all and willingly drink it during the day, and some “remember” about it only in hot weather, taking only a couple of sips, when the throat is very dry. Often people do not distinguish between hunger and thirst and have another snack instead of a glass of water. This contributes to excess weight and metabolic disorders.

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Different people have different needs, but this rule does not apply when it comes to water. Water should be consumed regularly, even if you do not feel a strong sense of thirst. According to specialists, the latter can occur already at the stage when the deficit of liquid is 10% (remember, the loss of 20% of liquid can lead to human death). Therefore, when leaving home you should not forget to take with you a small bottle of water and take a sip every time you remember about it.

When is drinking plenty of fluids necessary

Drinking plenty of fluids is recommended:

  • For sports or strenuous physical activity;
  • Fever due to illness;
  • When going to the sauna, when a large amount of liquid is lost through perspiration;
  • Abuse of tobacco products (nicotine causes dehydration);
  • Taking certain medications that require plenty of clean water to drink;
  • daily consumption of caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee);
  • air travel, because airplane air can be very dry and unfavorable for the proper functioning of the lungs.
  • Other situations where the body loses moisture and needs to replenish the water balance.
  • Also, do not neglect the recommendations of drinking plenty of water in the winter season, as the central heating, sharp temperature fluctuations indoors and outdoors can provoke dehydration. Water should be drunk in small portions or as much as you want.

What are the best times to drink water

The question is especially acute in the first half of the day, because during the night a person may lose at least 0.5 liters of fluid. You should not drink iced or hot water in the morning, or sour, salty or too sweet drinks. Room temperature water will be enough as a natural stimulant for the body to wake up properly.

Veronika Sergunina
Veronika Sergunina
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A glass of such water is often compared to a light invigorating shower, which facilitates instant penetration of moisture into the intercellular space, removal of toxic substances accumulated during the night through the lymphatic system and awakening of all excretory systems (intestines, kidneys, etc.).

Make it a rule to drink one glass of plain clean water before breakfast and any meal. If there are 5 meals, you will have 5 glasses of water, which is 1 liter of liquid. Water perfectly reduces hunger, tones the body, activates the intestines and enzyme systems, puts them in a state of readiness and provides active peristalsis. All this helps to increase the efficiency of digestion of food consumed.

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Especially people who do not want to gain excess weight should take this rule into consideration. Drinking water before a meal will partially fill your stomach with liquid, which will allow you not to eat an extra bite of food.

Can I drink water with my food

How to drink water correctly

The habit of drinking water with meals can cause digestive system dysfunction. A glass of sour juice or compote, on the other hand, will help to digest food and improve digestion.

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7 years of experience in nutritional medicine

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