What foods contain iodine?

Iodine is an element that our body cannot produce on its own, but it is one of the most important elements that contribute to our well-being and the smooth functioning of our body. So we have to “get” iodine from the foods in our diet. What are these foods? Faced with a choice and do not know where to start? That’s why the online store Vodovoz.RU made for you a list of products that are rich in iodine and useful for the work of your body.

What foods contain iodine?
  1. Cod

This fish can be considered a true record holder in terms of iodine content. In addition to the fact that the meat of this fish is low-calorie, it also has a rejuvenating effect and is rich in iodine. Note at once that more iodine is contained in low-fat fish.

  1. Sea Sprouts

Sea kale also contains iodine, 100 grams of seaweed can replenish the daily norm of iodine in every human body. In addition to iodine, sea kale also strengthens the immune system and helps as a preventive measure against anemia and atherosclerosis.

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  1. Cottage cheese

In addition to the fact that this product is beneficial for bones and joints, its composition is also enriched with a high content of iodine. Imagine this: 100 grams of cottage cheese contains about 17% of the daily requirement of iodine for the human body.

What foods contain iodine?
  1. Cranberries

These sour berries contain as much iodine as seafood and cottage cheese. So make yourself or stock up on cranberry juice: By drinking a tablespoon of cranberry juice a day, you not only provide yourself with iodine, but also with natural elements that will have a positive effect on your body. It’s not without reason that each of us has been told since childhood about the benefits of these sour fruits.

What foods contain iodine?
  1. Persimmon

This is a real vitamin bomb for your body! In addition to iodine, this fruit contains such useful elements like magnesium, sodium and iron, as well as vitamins A, C and P. Eat persimmon and strengthen your immune system with pleasure!

What foods contain iodine?
  1. Potatoes

Yes, this vegetable is also a source of iodine. It is noteworthy that baked potatoes retain the maximum of all the useful properties, namely its skin. It is recommended to eat 3-4 potatoes a day to replenish the daily norm of iodine in the body.

  1. Iodized Salt

This is the name of the potato for a reason. When used properly, iodized salt does not change the taste of your food. But with the use of such salt you need to be careful: it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before replacing ordinary salt with iodized salt, read the contraindications.

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