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FST7 Tip: Balance to avoid going 'flat' for too long

FST7-Tip: Balanceren om niet te lang 'plat' te gaan

This week, Hany Rambod, the 24-time Olympia winning coach, discusses the balance of avoiding going 'flat' for too long in the FST-7 Tip of the Week.

The Pro Creator talks about getting leaner while staying full in a low-carb state. For his FST-7 athletes, he uses a combination of Evogen Nutrition products, including the non-stimulant EVP 3D, high-performance EVP Xtreme N.O. and EVP AQ with liquid glycerol.

There's a fine balance required to achieve a 3D look, but you can't stay full for too long because you'll burn all the glycogen in your system and won't be able to tap into deeper body fat stores.

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