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FST7 Tip How To Get The Most Out of Low Cable Rows

FST7 Tip How To Get The Most Out of Low Cable Rows

24X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod recommends switching up handles on the low row using a v-bar handle, a straight bar, or the mag grip. Ideally  you want to arch your back, pulling your elbows all the way back to get your erectors to really pop.

Pro Tip: Dont go too wide because you will not feel a proper contraction. Don't use too much weight as you want to focus on time under tension throughout the movement.

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When it comes to winning Olympia titles they say it's won from the back. So if there is anyone who knows how to build a championship-winning back it's Hany Rambod. Now you can train with the world-class coach on his FST7 Training app and take advantage of the 30+ years of training knowledge.

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