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FST7 Tip: The biggest mistake bodybuilders and coaches make in the off-season

FST7-Tip: De grootste fout die bodybuilders en coaches maken in het off-season

"24X Olympia winning coach Hany Rambod reveals the biggest mistake many competitors and coaches make in the off-season. There's a big difference between being bigger with mass versus being bigger with proportion. It's the #1 mistake. You want to work on your overall fullness and size, but most people track the weight on the scale.

If you have a weak body part, focus on it by placing them at the beginning of the week, but there is a lot more to it than that. Train the weak part of your body slowly with a mind-muscle connection and make sure you support the workout with a good meal and the right supplements to support your body in the best environment for growth.

Just because you're 280 lbs - does that make you look like 280 lbs? Are you growing qualitatively in the right body parts? Are you maximizing your body parts while trying to minimize your weaknesses? Is your program built around your goals? Does your nutrition and supplement program support your goals?”

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