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FST7-TIP: Pose tips with Hany Rambod

FST7-TIP: Posetips met Hany Rambod
24-time Olympia-winning coach Hany Rambod guides Team Evogen Elite's new athlete, Schuyler Reeves, through a posing session after his first competition. Posing is everything. It can mean the difference between winning and losing, so pay close attention as the Pro Creator analyzes each pose.

For the front and back of the double biceps pose, don't bring your forearms too close to your biceps and don't curl or supinate your wrists.

In the side chest pose, you need to be careful not to shrink when you pull your chest back, as that will make you look smaller and narrower. Breathe into your chest, raise your chest and twist for a wider and fuller look.

In the front lat spread pose, keep your elbows and shoulders back. A common mistake is turning your shoulders too far, which makes you look smaller. Stay broad by keeping your chest up and your shoulders wide.

After dieting during your preparation, most athletes will overeat after a show. You'll want to weigh yourself throughout the process to maintain some form of control. It's normal to gain up to 10-15 lbs in the first week after your race, but resume your cardio as soon as possible and get back on track.

Pro tip: After a race, you want to avoid excessive salt intake, as it can increase your blood pressure to a point where it could be dangerous to your health. Avoid eating too much sushi with a lot of soy sauce or adding salt to fried foods.

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