Who is the CEO of Evogen?

Wie is de CEO van Evogen?
Hany Rambod, Founder and CEO

Nicknamed "The Pro Creator," Hany Rambod has been building championship-winning bodies for over 24 years. Its groundbreaking FST7 system has helped its customers win a total of 24 Olympia titles. His list includes winners of Mr. Olympia, Ms. Figure Olympia, 202 Olympia and the current 212 Mr. Olympia winner Derek Lunsford.

When Rambod is not coaching world-class athletes, he is the boss at Evogen Nutrition. With its degree in biology with an emphasis on brain physiology, Evogen Nutrition is making rapid progress.

The products were initially exclusive to Rambod's top athletes, but only in recent years have they become available to everyone. Rambod prides itself on bringing only good innovations to its customers worldwide. Evogen Nutrition products are important to the success of any FST-7 program because of their impact on growth, recovery and muscle building.

The Start of Evogen Nutrition

Previously, only top athletes could use Hany's exclusive, special supplements. After every win at national and professional bodybuilding level, it was noticeable that all the champions had something in common: they were not only super dry, but also big, full and round.

A kind of secret arose about the formulas Hany used with his athletes. But it was difficult for others to achieve the same results. First, athletes had to combine different products, which sometimes resulted in conflicting ingredients, fillers and sugar. Secondly, no one knew the correct proportions of ingredients. And third, the best versions of the key ingredients were not yet available for purchase.

So Evogen decided to meet the huge demand and made the products available to the general public.

When you buy an Evogen product, you can be assured that an athlete developed it, for athletes. Hany started Natural Bodybuilding at a young age and continued his amateur career while studying at UCSB, where he put his knowledge into practice in the gym, on the field and on stage.

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