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FST-7 Tip: How Can Glycerol Help With Muscle Pumps While Dieting?

FST-7 Tip: Hoe kan glycerol helpen bij spierpompen tijdens het dieet?

22-time Olympia-winning coach Hany Rambod explains how glycerol can help with muscle pumps while dieting and when you're feeling 'flat'. While following a diet you feel 'flat' because you have a lack of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates that lead to glycogen provide muscle size.

Therefore, since you're trying to get toned and lean, you'll want to hyperhydrate using a product likeEVP AQ.

Glycerol helps deliver water to the muscles without carbohydrates. It would be detrimental to use carbohydrates during the dieting process as it will hinder you from gaining muscle. Therefore, you can create three-dimensional muscle size without the extra carbohydrates.

You can call it a secret of the show, because those who want to improve their pumps around shows and during severe calorie deficits often claim that they can never look full or achieve a pump without the use of glycerol. Due to their low carbohydrate intake, it is extremely challenging to hit the gym and create that pump you are used to.

Don't miss this video where Hany Rambod explains everything and shows you how to use glycerol to improve your muscle pumps while dieting.


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