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FST-7 Tip: Legday with Rambod and The Champ Derek Lunsford join forces in Tampa.

FST-7 Tip: Legday met  Rambod en The Champ Derek Lunsford bundelen krachten in Tampa.

24-time Olympia-winning coach Hany Rambod comes into contact with the reigning Mr. Olympia of 2023, Derek Lunsford, at the MI40 gym in Tampa for an FST7 legs workout. The Pro Creator and the Champion discuss Derek's experience using the new Evogen EvoBurn elite thermogenic powder to keep him lean during the off-season.

Rambod pushes Lunsford through a grueling workout, focusing on slowing down the reps for durations under tension and forcing partial reps throughout the workout to maximize blood flow to the legs for growth. Do you want legs from Mr. Olympia quality? Follow behind the scenes and learn what it takes to be 3D.


1 scoop of EVP 3D
1 scoop EVP Xtreme N.O.


1 scoop Amino K.E.M.


Leg extensions 10-15 reps 5 Sets

Hamstring Curls 10-15 reps 4 Sets

Smith Machine Squats 8-12 herhalingen 5 Sets

FST-7 Hack Squats 10-15 reps 7 Sets (30-60 seconds rest)


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