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FST-7 TIP: Hany's thoughts on massage guns? Active therapy?

FST-7 TIP: Hany's gedachten over massagepistolen? Actieve therapie?

In this week's tip from FST-7, powered by Evogen Nutrition, Hany Rambod shares his thoughts on using massage guns for active therapy.

The 22-time Olympian coach discusses the importance of active therapy and how massage guns or a foam roller can help relax the muscles.

However, he also notes that there is nothing better than a deep connective tissue massage to release tension. Massage guns are a good addition to massage, but not a substitute when it comes to applying pressure to the muscles to actively relax them.

With more and more people purchasing massage guns for home use, Hany thought it would be a good idea to delve a little deeper into the topic and give you a better understanding of how to properly use massage guns to your advantage.

If you're suffering from intense muscle pain, stiffness, or an inability to fully relax a muscle, don't miss Hany's latest video where he shares his thoughts on massage guns and everything related to them.

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