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FST7 Tip: 70 seconds on Glute Abductors

FST7-Tip: 70 seconden op Glute Abductors

Add some FST-7 glute abductors to get a nice, round butt! While women will find this exercise perfect as an addition to their leg/butt training, men should also implement this to create a complete physique.

Nobody likes a flat butt! Do your FST-7 glute abductors!

Pro Creator and Celebrity coach Hany Rambod demonstrates this popular glute abductor move with Evogen Elite Athlete Lauren Findley.

Abductor machines isolate the buttocks, but due to the differences in size of different types of abductor machines, the individual must make adjustments to get the resistance through the full range of motion.

Bring the knees as close together as possible while maintaining tension. This means that you should not drop the weight. Use the abductor as an FST-7 preload at the beginning of your glute training.

If you're looking to shape your butt or add some quality mass to your backside, don't miss this video on FST-7 glute abductors!


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