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FST7-TIP:Train abdominal muscles with Hany Rambod

FST7-TIP:Buikspieren trainen met Hany Rambod

24-time Olympia-winning coach Hany Rambod explains the importance of training your abs with these three valuable tips.

1. Consistency. The key to training the abs is to make sure you train them consistently, even in the off-season.

2. Train appropriately. If you are a physical athlete trying to keep your waist smaller, be careful not to use heavier weights. If you're a bodybuilder and need to add a lot of definition to your midsection, you'll need to shift some weight.

3. Peak Week. Don't train your abs too close to the competition, especially if you haven't trained them all season. Your body is not used to the contraction. You will cramp and get stuck on stage.

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