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FST7 Tip: Grow your arms with variations of Spider Curls

FST7-Tip: Laat je armen groeien met variaties van Spider Curls
If there's one question Hany gets asked more than any other, it's how to grow your arms. Let's face it, no one wants to walk around with small arms that are dwarfed by your sleeves, nor do you want to feel insecure wearing a small T-shirt just to make your arms look bigger.

Well, we have the tips to grow your arms!

In this video, 24X Olympia winner Hany Rambod shows how to GROW YOUR ARMS with variations of spider curls with a hammer grip. If you don't use this exercise, you will love it.

Normally spider curls are done with a traditional grip, but if you want to stimulate new muscle growth and grow your arms, you'll need to hit the biceps from a different angle.

Another method to stimulate growth and grow your arms is to use partial reps at the end of a set. By using an incline bench for spider curls you minimize momentum and therefore use more of the biceps to move the weight with added time under tension.

FST-7 Tip: Change the grip variation with a straight bar or curved bar or change from traditional to hammer grip. Keep it fresh and hit the muscle fibers from all angles to effectively grow your arms.

Try this exercise during your next arm workout and let us know what you think about adding it to your routine!

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