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FST7 Tip: Is it necessary to force-feed?

FST7-Tip: Is het noodzakelijk om te dwangvoeden?

FST7 Tip of the Week, powered by Evogen Nutrition. This week, Hany Rambod, the coach with 22 Olympia victories, answers the question of whether force-feeding is necessary.

Is it necessary to forcibly swallow large amounts of food to bulk up? The answer is no. What will eventually happen is that you will start to stretch your stomach and experience bloating in the abdominal area. This eventually leads to the so-called "tortoise back", as they call it when you look at a body from the front or the side.

Any form of stretching will distort your physique and if you are a competitive athlete, it can set you back in the rankings. So overall, you shouldn't focus on force-feeding an abundance of food to get your daily calories.

If you are able to space out your meals and consume more meals throughout the day, force-feeding should never be the answer.

That said, if you're watching the clock and you're not hungry after a few hours, you should eat something to boost your metabolism. It's important to get nutrients to reach your body goals, so make sure you eat, even if it's a small meal.

Something else to consider is digestive enzymes. You want to be able to properly break down and absorb the food you consume, right?

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