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FST7 Tip: When to increase the weight

FST7 Tip: Wanneer het gewicht te verhogen

FST7 Tip of the Week, powered by Evogen Nutrition. Hany Rambod, the coach with 22 Olympia victories, explains when to increase the weight in your training program.

Once you reach your range, don't be afraid to put the weight back on sooner and add more weight. If you're competing and just trying to go to muscle failure, go to muscle failure. If you want to get stronger and lift heavier, assess your amount of energy expenditure. When you're lifting really heavy, you'll also want to increase your rest time to 2 - 2.5 minutes between sets.

Start with a rep range of 8-10 and add more weight from there. You can also add negative reps or partial reps.

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